2015 DR Power 16.50 Pro Rapid-Feed Chipper


DR Power
16.50 Pro Rapid-Feed Chipper



The 16.50 PRO gobbles branches up to 4-1/2" thick — fast!

With the 16.50 PRO model you'll get 30% more chipping power than our PREMIER model. That means you can chip larger branches, faster...which saves lots of time. A big hopper means you can drop material in with minimal pruning of side branches. And most material will self-feed, instead of you needing to force-feed it through.

Top-Discharge: The PRO model features top-discharge for easy collection of chips into a cart or onto a tarp. For more flexibility, we offer an optional Extended Discharge Chute. Easily direct the flow of woodchips into the bed of a pickup truck, over a fence, or into a woodlot and out of sight.

Easy Transport: The PRO comes standard with a pin hitch for easy towing with a tractor or ATV. And it can be fitted with our optional Road-Towing Package for transporting on the road or highway.

Powerful Engine: The PRO features a larger Briggs & Stratton OHV engine (16.50 Ft. Lbs. Torque), protected by a 2-year warranty for residential use; 90 days for commercial use.

  • Over-Sized Hopper - Over-sized hoppers (up to 25" x 33") will accept whole armfuls of small branches at once, or even whole trees and saplings -- with little or no trimming of side branches. This saves tremendously on the time you spend pruning and preparing materials for chipping.
  • Self-Feeding- With a sharp chipper knife DR Rapid-Feed Chippers will self-feed 90% of the material you put in it, instead of you having to force-feed the material. This enables you to process limbs up to 5-1/2'' thick 2-3 times faster, and with far less effort, than with any other homeowner chipper.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame - Many chippers look like they're built to sit in one place. DR Chippers are made to be on the move, so you can get your chipper wherever you need to be on your property. We use rugged, welded-steel frames designed to withstand transport over punishing terrain year after year.
  • Commercial-Grade Clutch - The commercial-grade centrifugal clutch used on our chippers is similar to those used in well drilling. There is no load on the engine until it reaches 1,600 rpm. If you do manage to find a branch tough enough to slow the engine to 1,600 rpm, the clutch will automatically disengage the engine until it's back up to speed.
  • Massive Solid-Steel Flywheel - Even the biggest hardwood branches won't bog down the DR Chipper. The flywheel is cut from heavy steel (3/4" thick) and weighs up to 76.5 pounds. The massive size of this flywheel provides the inertia necessary for the chipper knife to power through knotty, hardwood branches at an incredible 40 bites per second.
  • Super-Duty Cogged Drive Belt (Pro and Pro-XL models) Our larger models feature a cogged drive belt to prevent slipping, for full power transfer from the engine to the flywheel. The belt is also designed to stay cool, even as it travels 3,800 ft/minute. That translates into fewer belt changes over the life of your machine.
  • Powerful Engines - Big Briggs & Stratton engines give you 2-3 times the power of department store chippers.
  • Oil Type: 30W HD
  • Model: 1650 Series
  • Make: Briggs & Stratton
  • Lubrication: Splash
  • Fuel Capacity: 4 qt.
  • Cylinders: One (cast iron sleeved)
  • Air Filter: Dual-Element
  • Torque: 16.50 ft lbs
  • Type: OHV
  • Starter: Manual or Electric
  • Clutch: Centrifugal
  • Frame: 10-Gauge Steel
  • Tires: Number - 2; Size - 12" Diameter, 4 1/2" Wide; Tread - Grooved
  • Shipping Weight: 518 lbs.
  • Length: 53"
  • Height: 54-1/2"
  • Dimensions: Hopper Opening - 22-1/2"L x 29"W
  • Capacity: Chipping - 4-1/2"
  • Weight: 392 lbs.
  • Width: 48"
General Information
  • Shipping: 71"L x 50"W x 42"H
  • Flywheel: 16-1/2" Dia., 3/4" thick, 55 lbs.
  • Warranty: Machine: 2 years residential; 90 days commercial; Engine: 2 years residential; 90 days commercial
  • Type: Rapid Feed
  • Standard: Engine Pre Cleaner



Engine Manufacturer
Briggs & Stratton
Engine Type
1650 Series OHV
Horse Power
16.50 ft.lb. torque
Manual or Electric


Chipping Capacity
4-1/2 in.

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